Completion Handover

When construction is complete, we move on to commissioning, testing and handover. At this stage, all of the collaboration and effort of the previous months has come fully to life, and the resulting space is ready to live in and enjoy. 

As part of the handover process, we carry out “snagging”, a thorough inspection of the completed works to identify and rectify any defects or issues with the design or finish. We will also obtain necessary certificates and approvals, such as the Building Control Completion Certificate and Practical Completion Certificate, and provide the relevant operation and maintenance manuals.

This is followed by a Rectification Period, which lasts for 6-12 months and involves ongoing contact with the contractors to address any defects or issues with the works completed. Half the retention held back during the works (usually 5%) is released at the beginning of the Rectification Period, and the remaining at the end with the issuance of a certificate. This stage sees the closure of the Building Contract and a formal evaluation of the building in use, assessing project outcomes and how well the building meets its intended purpose.

1. Client Requirements

The first stage of the project begins with an exploration of client requirements, budget and context. In this initial phase, we conduct an appraisal to establish scope and design ambition, and we begin to understand the client’s core objectives for the project.

2. Project Brief

After gathering the vital preliminary information about the project, we prepare an initial project brief. We incorporate findings from the preliminary research stage, as well as the risk assessment, agreed budget and our understanding of the scope of work and client requirements.

3. Concept Design

In this stage, the architecture design concept is developed. This includes initial sketches, plans, and ideas to illustrate the project's design direction. Following the measured survey, we’ll produce a complete set of drawings that precisely depict the existing space.

4. Planning Permission

Working towards planning permission with our architectural design team means collaborating closely to develop a design that fulfils the design brief while satisfying council requirements. Throughout this process, we will continuously check back to your design brief, and assess, adapt and refine your design into a feasible project.

5. Technical Design Building Regulations

Once planning permission has been obtained, we will prepare a detailed set of technical architectural design drawings for tendering purposes. These are used to receive detailed and accurate estimates from builders and to ensure the project meets building regulations. 

6. Building Contract

Once the technical design specifications have been agreed and finalised, we can enter the construction phase. This begins with contract tendering and appraisal of tenders; we invite up to six trusted contractors to tender for a project.

7. Project Management

Once the site is prepared and building work has begun, our role as begins to focus on project management. We will be on hand to administer the contract through the build process right through to completion – issuing instructions, approving staged (milestone) payment certificates and generally monitoring the progress of the works.
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