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Christopher David Design is a luxury architecture and interior design studio specialising in basement conversions throughout Surrey and London including Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair and Belgravia.

Whether it’s a growing family, a demanding lifestyle, aspirations of generous entertaining… There are so many reasons to evolve a home to create more space in which to live life to its fullest. With meticulous planning and thoughtful design, the desire for a hardworking home can be met with luxurious comfort and complete style.

As basement conversion specalists, we know this is an ideal option for clients who want to expand and enhance their home without altering its footprint or sacrificing a location they love. The experienced team at Christopher David Design approach each brief with thoughtful expertise and intuitive vision, allowing clients to experience the greatest potential of their home.

With locations in both London and Surrey, the team at Christopher David Design feature a wealth of expertise and experience across the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape design and project management. We meticulously envision and execute basement conversions to the most exacting standards – meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of the most discerning clients.

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Chris knows his stuff, got many connections to tradesmen and controls every aspect of the job impeccably! Highly Recommend.

Bespoke Luxury Basement Conversion Specialists

When clients engage Christopher David Design for a basement conversion, the experience is entirely bespoke and meticulously managed from inspired start to impeccable finish. We balance respect for a home’s existing character and layout with an inspired vision that accommodates the client’s needs, tastes and aspirations.

Basement conversions add not only space, but value, appeal and possibility to a home. Our comprehensive, personalised approach captures every detail, from structural improvements and thermal considerations to thoughtful lighting and luxurious finishes. The result is a space that’s impressive, useful and inviting in equal measure – ideal for generous entertaining or abundant family living.

Expanding a home underground requires particularly rigorous planning and extensive expertise. Our considerable experience allows us to seamlessly and successfully navigate local council planning permissions and restrictions, as well as technical and structural requirements. Our trusted network of structural engineers, planning consultants and our team of designers ensure that every element is accounted for, from tree roots and lightwells to taps and lighting design.

In our consideration of materials and spatial arrangements for the finished project, we achieve a thoughtful balance between aesthetics and comfort, luxury and function. We create a new heart of the home that reflects the best of modern living standards and the distinctive, discerning lifestyle of the homeowner.

An Inspired Creative Process

As a residential architectural studio, creating homes that serve as a backdrop for exceptional lives is at the heart of what we do. Well-designed spaces can move, touch, and transform. Bespoke residential architecture elevates everyday life to an art form, and our creative process celebrates that.

The homes we create are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also feel luxuriously comfortable and welcoming to live in. Each environment perfectly caters to the client’s vision and aspirations.

Our clients are expertly guided through the process of making decisions at the optimum point for their individual timeline, so that the design journey feels smooth and enjoyable, and the results are impeccable

Intuitive Vision

Naturally, our process begins by exploring a client’s preferences and practical needs, inspirations and aspirations – how they live, and how they want to feel in their home. What home means to each client is highly personal; lifestyle is a form of individual, creative expression. The deep level of understanding we aim for in these first conversations helps intuitively establish a creative vision – which will carry the project through from initial ideas and concept sketches, to design and planning, to implementation and completion.

Handcrafted Concepts

Whilst we fully embrace the potential of technology to enhance the design process, we believe that the architecture of a home is first and foremost an art form. We always begin designing with traditional visualisation – first sketching concepts by hand, in keeping with the tactile, artistic origins of our craft.

We share these bespoke concept sketches and initial layouts with clients from their earliest stages, establishing a strong foundation of rapport from the very beginning. We continue to collaborate as the design develops, deepening trust and understanding over time.

Cohesive Curation

We take great care and pride in our craft, from the first line drawn, to the final, finishing touches – offering our clients a full range of architectural services from design and planning to interiors and landscape design.

Along the way, we collaborate with a trusted network of artisans, tradespeople and craftspeople to deliver a richly layered, harmonious home. We’ve built an abundant network of relationships with contractors, consultants and collaborators from innovative lighting designers to artisan cabinet makers – allowing for the creation of a home that’s cohesive and beautiful in every detail.

Turnkey Results

We believe in being hands-on through all stages of the process from concept to completion, until a client is settled and comfortable in their new home – and even beyond. We liaise directly with builders, trades and other consultants, expecting the unexpected and ensuring that the creative vision is interpreted as intended. Our meticulous, experienced, expert project management means that clients truly enjoy the design journey, with exceptional results.

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