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As a multidisciplinary residential architecture studio, Christopher David Design serves clients’ comprehensive design needs for luxurious homes and gardens in Surrey, London and the Home Counties.

Landscape design is an intuitive continuation of the design process, ensuring that the inspired vision for a client’s lifestyle is in harmony indoors and out. We design calming, beautiful outdoor spaces with thoughtful touches and imaginative detail, offering clients an oasis of calm and a place to nurture their wellbeing and create wonderful memories.

Our team of specialist landscape designers create a holistic natural context for our luxury residential projects, complementing the character of the property by linking interior and exterior living spaces. We offer a turnkey service, overseeing every aspect of a project from ideation and approvals to assisting with the final delivery of the project.

Exploring a variety of design solutions allows us to holistically blend a residential garden with its larger surroundings, whether that’s nestled on a riverside, overlooking a Surrey valley or woodland, or seeking seclusion from a bustling London neighbourhood.

To forge connections between the home and its larger environmental context, we enhance the overall layout of the property through thoughtful design concepts. Memorable approaches, welcoming entrance ways, inviting pathways and enticing vignettes escort homeowners, family and visitors through an immersive experience of the space and surroundings.

We strategically complement the underpinnings of architectural design, structure and framework with softer aspects of introduced and enhanced plantings and layers of biodiversity. Taking inspiration from lifestyle and culture, our approach respects existing elements such as mature trees and plantings and the surrounding area, and reflects opportunities to rethink and reconfigure for optimal enjoyment.

Surrey Landscape Design for Luxurious Living

As landscape designers, our approach enforces a strong connection from the home to the garden. We create outdoor spaces and experiences in which to relax, enjoy and entertain, blending multiple zones and uses to create uniform outdoor space. Fully understanding the plot and surrounding context results in a landscape which feels harmonious, congruent and inviting.

Whether refined or relaxed, our goal is to design garden landscapes to serve as a backdrop for an immersive living experience, whether in an intimate London garden or on an expansive Surrey country estate. Featuring unified zones for a client’s preferences among al fresco dining, entertaining, play and relaxation, the ideal garden is considered and integrated with the home for seamless outdoor living.

We actively seek ways to create meaningful “moments” in the design to enforce a strong connection from the home to its surroundings. Thoughtful transitions, strategic selections and considered placement combine to form a balanced and beautiful relationship between interior and exterior.

Intuitive & Inspired

The key to a successful landscape design is tuning in to our clients’ personal style. We help clients articulate their tastes and dig deeper to understand the context – ideally leveraging the connected and collaborative relationship we developed in the architectural stage of the project. As we grow to fully understand a client’s personality and lifestyle requirements, we can leverage our experience and expertise to make recommendations that enhance the brief and improve the overall result.

The ideal continuation of our comprehensive architectural services, working with our specialist team of high-end landscape designers ensures that the design vision is realised as intended, fulfilling the client’s every wish. Refined or relaxed, timeless or contemporary, bold or subtle, we can bring any landscape vision to life.

Considered Composition

The ideal garden is carefully considered in composition and form. Vibrant plantings and intentional borders in tranquil layers of green – with varied textures and seasonal blooms — can support local biodiversity, sustainability and desirable wildlife, as well as frame and highlight the surrounding views.

Water features, sculpture, pathways, borders and seating can add rhythm, structure and function to the journey through and around the garden. Added enhancements such as a lap pool, studio or guest quarters can cohesively reflect the architectural aesthetic of the home and further support a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

Trusted Relationship

Over the years we’ve developed relationships with a network of trusted contractors, tradespersons, arborists and horticulturalists. Their extensive expertise and exquisite workmanship – traditional and modern, innovative and sustainable – help us ensure the creative vision is fulfilled as intended. Our turnkey project management, from ideation to installation, allows the client to embrace and enjoy the design journey.

Attention to detail and excellent client communication
Chris has provided impeccable service during the first stages of our design leading up to successful planning permission. Attention to detail and excellent client communication have been exhibited by Chris throughout.

Creative, Collaborative & Customised Landscape Design Journey

Christopher David Design delves into the client's preferences and needs to craft a creative vision, designing landscapes that celebrate a home's character while enhancing the homeowner's experience of modern living. With an extensive network of trusted collaborators and contractors throughout Surrey and the UK, Christopher David Design offers hands-on involvement throughout the design journey to ensure the design vision is realized as intended.

Considered Context

Naturally, our process begins by exploring a client’s preferences and practical needs, inspirations and aspirations – how they live, and how they want to feel in and around their home. Ideally, this is an extension of the relationship we’ve developed through the architectural aspects of the project.

The deep level of understanding we aim for in these initial conversations helps intuitively establish a creative vision – which will carry the project through from scope and concept sketches, to design and planning, to implementation and completion.

What home means to each client is highly personal; lifestyle is a form of individual, creative expression. The landscape surrounding a home is very much a part of that. With our depth of knowledge and experience, we can design landscaped gardens that complement a range of architectural styles, from new builds and modern masterpieces to imaginative renovations and period properties. Whether it’s a home’s rambling and gentle transition to the surrounding countryside or a refined urban refuge, we create landscapes that celebrate a home’s character and context whilst enhancing the homeowner’s experience of modern living.

Scrupulous Sourcing & Curated Collaborations

With our extensive network of trusted collaborators and contractors, we deliver a truly comprehensive and turnkey landscape design service for our clients.

We’ve spent years establishing relationships with the most talented experts and artisans for every need, from structural engineers and hard landscaping contractors to artisan carpenters, stonemasons and blacksmiths. Our network also compasses lighting designers, audio-visual specialists and security consultants, as well as the most knowledgeable and reputable arborists, horticulturalists and plant nurseries.

We have our own in-studio team of Surrey-based landscape designers and interior designers for a truly seamless design journey.

Precision Project Management

We believe in being hands-on through all stages of the process, with our level of involvement tailored specifically for a client’s preferences. Our preference is to be the singular point of contact from concept to completion, until a client is settled and comfortable in their living environment – and even beyond. We’ll liaise directly with all collaborators, expecting the unexpected and smoothing the design journey. This minimises stress and ensures the design vision is realised as intended.

Proven Creative Process for Satisfying Landscape Design Results

As a residential architectural studio in Surrey, creating homes that serve as a backdrop for exceptional lives is at the heart of what we do. Bespoke landscape architecture elevates everyday life to an art form, and our creative process celebrates that.

We passionately believe that the most successful landscape design concepts relate to the larger framework of the home’s architectural character, interior design scheme, and, most importantly, to each client’s needs, preferences and personality.

Our years of experience in designing stunning, luxurious homes have allowed us to hone our process to provide the ultimate levels of service for our clients. Accordingly, we adapt our framework to provide a highly personalised, completely custom design journey specific to each individual client relationship.


The creative brief is when we explore the context and set the foundation for a project in meticulous detail.  Beginning with our signature interview process, we seek to deeply understand a client’s wishes and needs, as well as practicalities like timescale and budget.

We also survey and assess the architectural and environmental context, creating guidelines for cohesive style and structure for the garden.   With the additional consideration of anticipated challenges and suggested solutions, this creates a complete picture of the desired outcomes and a plan of action to move forward collaboratively.


We continue each project designing with traditional visualisation – first sketching concepts by hand, in keeping with the tactile, artistic origins of our craft.

We share these bespoke concept sketches and initial layouts with clients from their earliest stages – establishing a strong foundation of rapport from the very beginning, or building upon our relationship from the architectural stage. And we continue to collaborate as the design develops, refining the design, leveraging technology as appropriate, and deepening trust and understanding over time.

At this stage, we aim to establish visual clarity around a client’s taste and style. We achieve this through practical examples, references, renderings, configurations, mood boards and palettes of colours, materials and plantings.

From this, we develop a cohesive scheme that shows how careful planning will bring the vision to life. We then integrate feedback to create a precise final landscape design concept.


In the development stage, a timeline of decision-making is set, incorporating hard landscaping and structural considerations, soft landscaping with plantings, as well as elements such as sculpture, water features, furnishings and other accessories. We establish the specifics of the design scheme through detailed planning, technical drawing and sourcing arrangements.

Next, commissions are made from specialist suppliers for any custom furniture, cabinetry or fittings requirements, and arrangements are made to source, install and care for the selected plantings.

In addition, the best specialist consultants are selected, as required, from our network of trusted experts in electrical, audio/visual, security and lighting, and the framework is established to seamlessly integrate each element into the design scheme.


With approvals and supply agreements in place, it’s time to bring the design vision to life.

True to our hands-on project management philosophy, we liaise on-site with our network of trusted contractors and suppliers. We leverage our relationships to work closely with the full team, monitoring timescales, budget and quality to ensure everything is executed as intended.

We pride ourselves on expecting the unexpected and offer positive, proactive and productive solutions to any bumps in the road. Along the way, we maintain collaborative discourse with the client, celebrating key milestones and facilitating peace of mind with regular updates and answers to any questions.


The final stages of a project are the time to layer in finishing flourishes, both elevating initial impressions and enriching how the space is experienced over time.

Sourcing signature pieces and adding thoughtful touches is an opportunity to complement the overall design, whether this comes in the form of distinctive artwork, rare plants and flowers, or specialist equipment or functionality. Our relationships with niche suppliers allow us to facilitate all of these enhancements with ease.

The required interfaces with systems such as security, audio/visual, electricals and lighting are also polished at this stage – these will have been kept as straightforward and easy to maintain as possible.

Our walkthroughs at this point check the finest details and ensure that the handover is smooth and satisfying. This is when the personalised planning, meticulous execution and thoughtful nuances come together in an impressive landscape design that resonates as part of a true home – individual, distinctive, inviting, comfortable, personal.

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