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Christopher David Design is an Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design Studio specialising in residential projects across Buckinghamshire.

Our highly personalised architectural design process allows us to create truly beautiful Buckinghamshire homes that are unique and distinctive to each homeowner. With our signature turnkey project management, and our meticulous standards, our clients appreciate not only the results, but the process.

We design homes that are timeless, elegant and welcoming, with a considered balance between aesthetics and comfort, luxury and function. The bespoke homes we create for our clients range from luxury new build homes to the sympathetic re-imagination and refurbishment of listed buildings and properties in conservation areas. Our expertise covers barn conversions, country homes and estates, as well as extensions, renovations, and basement conversions.

Our comprehensive design services allow us to reflect the best of modern living standards and the beauty of the local Buckinghamshire history, context, and character. And because our studio offers not only architectural design services, but also interior design, landscape design and project management, we can ensure that clients’ experience of designing a home with us is seamless, satisfying, and enjoyable.

Diverse Influences & Rich History Abound in Buckinghamshire

As one of the Home Counties, Buckinghamshire is, of course, located in the beautiful English countryside, but within easy reach of London. It borders Greater London to the southeast, Berkshire to the south, Oxfordshire to the west, Northamptonshire to the north, Bedfordshire to the northeast, and Hertfordshire to the east.

From the rolling Chilterns in the south to the open flatlands in the north — and with the River Thames, River Ouzel and the River Great Ouse all originating or passing through the county — nature creates an intriguingly beautiful canvas in this area.

The Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the backdrop for the opulent manor houses and grand country estates of Buckinghamshire, such as the magnificent Waddesdon Manor, Cliveden House, and Hughenden Manor, as well as Chequers, the Prime Minister’s official country residence.

The charming, timber-framed buildings of towns like Amersham and Marlow reflect the county’s rich heritage, dating back centuries. The historic market town of Buckingham itself features a blend of Georgian and Victorian architecture, reflecting the changing architectural tastes over the years. Half-timbered buildings and elegant listed properties, such as Georgian townhouses, are notable features of the area. Victorian architecture is prevalent in railway buildings, churches, and civic structures – juxtaposed with innovative and sustainable contemporary buildings that blend traditional elements with modern aesthetics.

In more urban areas like Milton Keynes, a more modern and functionalist architectural landscape prevails, reflecting the post-war era of rebuilding and expansion. The town was designed with a grid system and modernist principles, characterised by clean lines and open spaces.

Inspired Living and Architecture in Buckinghamshire

Today’s homes in Buckinghamshire benefit from the picturesque rural setting, blended with proximity to one of the area’s many quaint market towns. The Chilterns feature quaint cottages built from local flint and brick, nestled amidst lush green landscapes, while Buckinghamshire’s market towns typically showcase a charming blend of architectural styles and period influences.

In towns like Buckingham, Aylesbury, and High Wycombe, the influence of Georgian architecture means symmetry, proportion, and classical elements prevail among elegant townhouses with red brick facades, sash windows, and decorative pediments. The effect is balanced and refined. The influence of the Victorian era is also evident with turrets, bay windows, and other ornate details making frequent appearances.

In the distinctive villages and rural areas of Buckinghamshire, many of the charming brick and flint cottages date back to the Tudor era, with distinctive timber-framed facades. The effect is cosy and timeless, with the homes often featuring steeply pitched thatched or tiled roofs, diamond-shaped leaded windows, and exposed wooden beams, blending with the picturesque countryside.

In the more contemporary urban areas like Milton Keynes, modern residential architecture dominates the landscape with a mix of post-war suburban developments and newer, eco-friendly housing. These modern residences often feature open floor plans, flat or sloping roofs, sustainable materials, and functional, energy-efficient designs.

Projects by Buckinghamshire our Architectural Design Team

Taking cues from diverse geographic and historic influences, as well as, existing architecture and cultural context, the team at Christopher David Design bring to life homes that are both integral and distinctive to the local environment and the lifestyle of the homeowner. When we design homes in Buckinghamshire, it is with a comprehensive perspective of the home – its past, present and potential.

Whether renovating, expanding or starting anew, the ideal architectural designer in Buckinghamshire will approach creating a home with considered balance – among innovation, improvement, and an appreciation for the existing surroundings and their historical context. The team at Christopher David Design embrace this as a dynamic challenge with enormous potential for a rewarding outcome.

If you’re considering working with a Buckinghamshire architectural designer, we would welcome a discussion with you to explore how we can help. Please get in touch for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Bespoke Residential Architecture in Buckinghamshire

Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to residential architecture is fully personalised and highly adaptable to each project and client – ensuring a home that is uniquely suited to Buckinghamshire and completely customised to the homeowner.

The rich rural landscape of Buckinghamshire offers a wealth of beautiful local materials, such as the distinctively honey-coloured Chiltern Stone and locally made bricks, as well as flint, slate, clay and timber. With the area’s numerous country estates and abundant examples of gorgeous landscape design, as well innovative new build homes, it’s brimming with inspiration.

In an ideal living environment, the three core design elements of a project are intertwined — the landscape with the architecture, the architecture with the interior, the interior with the landscape. At Christopher David Design, our experienced team approaches each brief with the benefit of deep expertise and intuitive vision across architectural design, interior design, landscape design and project management. The result of engaging us for architecture in Buckinghamshire is a congruous and connected home that flows elegantly and intuitively – it is unique to the client and harmonious with its surroundings.

They’ve done amazing job and now designing our garden… we can’t wait to see the complete project.
Christopher and his team created our beautiful family home. We commissioned the studio to design our new home and it’s interior. They’ve done amazing job and now designing our garden… we can’t wait to see the complete project. Highly recommend!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the first steps of working with Christopher David Design on a Buckinghamshire architecture project?

It’s straightforward and easy to take the first step of exploring the architectural design process by booking a free consultation with a member of our team. From there, we discover a client’s preferences and requirements, which helps us build a strong and detailed brief for the project. We review the property or site to understand the characteristics, opportunities and constraints. Then we discuss these in depth with you and answer your questions about the project, our design approach, and the build process. After confirming the project requirements, we provide a fee proposal for the complete work. Once accepted, we begin the design process.

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What is unique about working with Christopher David Design on a Buckinghamshire architecture project?

Christopher David Design is a fresh, creative architectural design studio that draws inspiration from the oldest masters of the craft. We help clients reimagine where and how they live – balancing the tangible and the tactile with the elements of space, light and proportion to create homes that elevate everyday life to an art form. Our process is meticulous, creative and entirely bespoke to each client and each project.

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What is planning permission like in Buckinghamshire?

At Christopher David Design, we completely handle the planning permission process for our clients. As we develop the design, we continuously assess, adapt and refine according to council requirements — collaborating closely with the client so that the ultimate design brief represents a feasible project that aligns with the client’s design vision. We then prepare all required drawings, reports and documentation so that the council can fully evaluate the project, liaising and negotiating with the local authority planning officers and providing updates until the process is complete.

For more on our full planning permission services, please click here.

Is it difficult to get listed building consent in Buckinghamshire?

An important part of our work in Buckinghamshire, with its rich history, is to support our clients with professional guidance as they navigate the unique privileges and responsibilities associated with stewardship of a listed building. At Christopher David Design, we closely collaborate with Buckinghamshire’s conservation officers throughout the design journey to obtain planning permission and listed building consent for exterior/interior repairs and alterations. The conservation officers will consider plans, advise on appropriate materials and techniques and assess the progress and results of the project.

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