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The Checkerboard Floor Has Made A Resurgence And Is Beautifully ‘Period Modern’

The classic checkerboard flooring design is reappearing and is more popular than ever. In this article, we take a look at why the interior design trend has made a comeback and how to use it in your own home or interior space.

From checkerboard marble tiles to checkerboard vinyl flooring, the striking pattern is being celebrated across all sorts of interiors in 2022.

Though we’re seeing the checkerboard trend make a comeback, checkerboard floors have been around for a long period. They were loved by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and of course, the Victorians.

The simple monochrome design of the checkerboard makes it a highly versatile pattern for interior design. It can indeed work in just about any space, whether a bathroom or hallway.

One of the interior design trends in 2022 is ‘period modern’. Period modern interior design merges both traditionally designed interiors with contemporary. The checkerboard floor is a perfect example of fitting this trend.

Geometric shapes are easy on the eye and are great for creating clean lines in interiors. Likewise, black and white are two highly accessible colours that can be complementary again in any room. Checkerboard is quintessentially classic but also modern in its appearance at the same time.

How To Use Checkerboard Flooring Without Affecting Interior Proportions

Bringing the bold checkerboard floor design into any interior space does require some planning. Whether opting for the classic black and white checkerboard vinyl or a different coloured checkered flooring, it’s important to remember that scale is everything.

While the checkerboard floor design is a perfect way to easily create a statement in an interior, without measuring scale properly, proportions can be skewed. The repeated pattern has the power to emphasise space but it can also drastically make a space appear claustrophobic.

Therefore, you should apply the rule that the larger the room is the larger the checkerboard patterned tile should be.

Bedrooms and living rooms are generally off-limits for checkerboard flooring in interior design. This is because more often than not these spaces contain more furniture and patterns which results in the spaces looking quite chaotic with the addition of checkerboard tiles.

On the other hand, hallways and kitchens and any other open rooms are a perfect choice for applying checkerboard vinyl or checkered tiles.

The Hermitage: Marble Checkerboard Flooring Project

This is an example of an interior design project we were commissioned whereby an existing hallway flooring was to be replaced with a checkerboard marble tile. Drawing on the beautiful period features such as the staircase, we designed the hallway to have a ‘period modern’ atmosphere.

As you can see from the flooring that was used, thanks to the addition of the natural lighting in the space, the end result was one that had a bold impact. Upon entering this property, the sophisticated checkered flooring with the addition of modern furnishings fulfilled our desired interior outcome perfectly.

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