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Steps to Success | 10 Steps to getting Party Wall Approval

These are the ten steps to follow when dealing with a Party Wall Notice. The steps include talking to neighbors, hiring a surveyor, serving the notice, and hiring a Party Wall Surveyor. The goal is to secure a Party Wall Award and ensure that work starts within a specific timeframe.

Step One

Talk to your neighbours well in advance about your plans to put their mind at ease about the proposed work. It is always best to do this before you or your surveyor issues the Party Wall Notice.

Step Two

Hire your surveyor or fill out the necessary forms online yourself for the Party Wall Notice. The forms will include the letter of acknowledgement for your neighbour to fill out.

Step Three

Serve the “Party Wall Notice.” This needs to be sent to the neighbouring property (including any lease or freeholders of the property) before any works that may have an impact on the party structure, garden wall or party wall go ahead.

Step Four

If the written response from your neighbour is received and accepted within 14 days of your notice, you do not need a Party Wall Award and building works can start.

Step Five

Send a follow-up letter after 10 days if your neighbour has not responded to the Party Wall Notice.

Step Six

If your neighbour rejects the notice or does not respond, you must be law seek a Party Wall Agreement.

Step Seven

Hire a Party Wall Surveyor who will work on behalf of you and your neighbour to secure the Party Wall Award. Make sure it is someone you and your neighbour are happy to work with!

Step Eight

Either you or your surveyor should carry out a photographic survey of the outside of yours and your neighbours’ property and the Party Wall. The more photos the better to help later on down the line in case of any disputes.

Step Nine

Ensure that enclosed in your Party Wall Agreement, your surveyor has included a “Schedule of condition”, architectural drawings and a full description outlining the proposed works.

Step Ten

Make sure that work starts 2 months and one day after the Party Wall Award is obtained and 1 month and a day for excavation works. Also, ensure that buildings works start within one year of resolving the Party Wall matter.

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