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Sculptural Furniture Is Trending To Balance Style And Function Perfectly

Sculptural furniture is popping up just about everywhere and there may well be an explanation. Not only is this one of the most intriguing interior design trends of 2022, but it also makes sense.

Following the pandemic that forced us to spend more time than ever at home, people have been rethinking their interior spaces. Homes weren’t just a place to rest, they were in one word a safe haven.

For every designer that imagines an interior, it is all about creating the perfect balance. And, who knew that a chair could very well be the pinnacle of just that?

We take a look in further detail as to why sculptural furniture is so in right now, and how interior designers are using the inspiration in their own designs.

Curved Furniture And Artistic Concepts

Curved furniture hasn’t just made an appearance in 2022. In fact, curved furniture has been around for quite some time. In the 1970s, curved furniture was highly fashionable with almost every home displaying at least one design.

In contrast to the Danish interior design of the 50s and 60s, which focused on the liners, the 70s welcomed softer lines.

Bauhaus was one of the biggest influencers when it came to designing sculptural furniture. A flick through an old Bauhaus magazine will give you an idea of just how much fun designers had when it came to balancing style and function.

The Tubular Chair

Statement pieces in furniture design really don’t get much more iconic than the tubular chair. This trend, which has made a resurgence, takes inspiration from the flowing shapes often found in nature.

Intended to serve as a comfortable chair to sit on while being pleasant to the eye, tubular furniture emphasises chunkiness combined with rounded-off corners.

These styles of chairs and other pieces of sculptural furniture are the perfect addition to any contemporary interior.

Curvacious Coffee Tables

As focal points, coffee tables are both important practical additions to a room and can have a major impact on interior design.

One of the key design trends we’re seeing with sculptural furniture is a focus on bringing curves to coffee tables to create a sense of organic movement. Utilising curvy shapes and elegant materials, coffee tables can stand as a sculpture in their own right.

Many interior designers are choosing mid-century coffee tables that have a curved shape to apply this trend and bring it into a living space.

Modular Sofas

There’s something incredibly satisfying about modular furniture; the ability to assemble and dissemble as you wish to make this type of furniture art in itself. With this said, we are seeing a soaring trend toward modular sofas.

As one of the best examples of sculptural furniture, the modular sofa comes in a range of elegant rounded shapes and is also comfortable to sit in – mainly because you can adjust it to your own preferences.

Minimalistic Bench Designs

Benches by most standards have a back to them. With the fun, sculpted furniture trend we are seeing a shift towards backless benches with more attention given to organic shape. Taking inspiration directly from nature, the use of wooden pieces along with unique designs are being combined to create beautiful centrepieces.

The Architectural Influence On Sculptural Funiture

Bringing together architectural influences and harmonious lines, the sculptural furniture trend is bringing about an influx of stunning interiors.

There has always been a relationship between architecture and furniture, despite their different scales. Furniture is itself a microcosm of architecture, with design details that require deep attention.

And, of course, furniture is designed to be placed inside of interiors which make up an architectural design.

Both architecture and furniture have functions, but this doesn’t mean explorative designs can’t come into play.

As a designer, there is huge scope to blur the boundaries of art, in this case, sculpture, and functionality.

Is Sculptural Furniture Here To Stay?

Most likely, yes! Many interior designers are incorporating sculptural furniture into interiors and this doesn’t look like a trend that will disappear any time soon. We personally love the fun touch that sculptural furniture brings and the experimentation with shape that’s becoming apparent in furniture design.

Can Furniture Be Art?

Just as with art collecting, furniture collecting all comes down to personal taste. Any interior design that is commissioned with creating an interior must take preferences as well as trends into consideration. With this said, furniture can certainly be categorised this way and with the current sculptural furniture trend, we’re seeing this more and more. People are choosing furniture to act as artistic centrepieces in a space rather than choosing furniture to simply fill a space.

Curating Your Interior Space With Sculptural Furniture

Our team of passionate interior designers can help you to transform your home or interior space. We keep up to date with all of the latest trends to ensure that every project we work on is finished with furniture that plays a key part in the overall design. Whether you’re looking to incorporate curved furniture into an office space or you have concepts for a living area you’d like to bring to life – Christopher David Design is the designer for you.

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