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Patterned Wallpapers of 2024: Florals & Fauna

The secret is out, patterned wallpapers are in! No matter whether you intend to freshen up your interior walls or you want to create a new interior design altogether, wallpaper design can play a crucial part.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the wallpaper design trends that are set to take over 2022 and how you can incorporate them into your own interior. From using wallpaper across an entire room to wallpaper murals on a feature wall, it’s time to get creative with pattern play.

Biophilia Wallpaper Style

Inspired by nature and the outdoors, almost every interior designer is set to look at bringing the natural elements indoors in 2022. Nature-inspired interiors have continued to grow in popularity and so have all of the plants involved in them. From tropical patterns to botanical prints, biophilia is going to stay. In terms of the colours for these types of wallpapers, interior designers are placing focus on subtle blues, greens, and any other natural shades.

With the rise of sustainability enthusiasts and an increase in people recognising the fragility of our planet, nature is being celebrated in interiors as a result. Incorporating this biophilic trend of wallpaper design into any space can instantly create a sense of calm.

Quirky and Unique Wall Murals

Now is the time for interior designers to experiment with clashing patterns and bold colours. In 2022, we are set to see a range of quirky and unique wall murals throughout interiors. From textured wallpaper featuring bold repeated prints to intentionally choosing the brightest colour out there – it’s definitely not time to be shy when it comes to wallpaper.

This wallpaper trend is one of the most daring as it sees designers tastefully bringing together colours and prints that nobody would dream of combining in the past. Of course, there will still be a large pull towards floral prints and floral patterns even within the more bold designs.

Abstract Botanicals and Vivid Colours

Many designers are using abstract florals to add interest to interiors. Using both vivid colours and adventurous patterns, abstract florals can be used in pretty much any design from an en-suite to a whole room.

Having been a strong wallpaper trend for many years, designers are only getting more daring when it comes to using such prints. Once used to create a statement wall, interior designers are pushing boundaries by using abstract botanicals across entire spaces.

Emerald Green Wallpaper Patterns

Emerald green could be the biggest colour of the year 2022. Giving any room in an interior space an on-trend finish, emerald green wallpapers are extremely trendy right now. Perfectly balancing the shade of green, however, is where the challenge lies. For designers, it is all about getting the perfect green shade: not too light or dark.

Wallpapers At Christopher David Design

We are always looking to incorporate the latest wallpaper trends into our designs – and you can browse beautifully finished interiors on our website to get an idea of our work. We use two main suppliers for wallpaper designs: Cole & Son and de Gournay in pairs.

Both of these wallpaper designers focus on statement and luxury as a combination. For our clients, this means their properties or interior spaces feature some of the best wallpaper trends.

Cole & Son Wallpapers

Cole & Son, based in London, has collaborated with the likes of Stella McCartney and design their own wallpapers for bespoke interiors. Taking inspiration from the natural world with a modern twist, you’ll find some of the most inspiring wallpaper trends of 2022 over on their website.

de Gournay in Paris

Another one of our favourite wallpaper designers is de Gournay in Paris. Renowned for their hand-painted interiors, their wallpapers are alive with animals and plants found in enchanting forests nod to the 17th century with historical reference of classic patterns and celebrate Japanese artwork.

Create A Wallpapered Interior To Reflect Your Style

Whether you want to makeover your family dining room by utilising an accent wall with wallpaper or you want to know more about how we can use the wallpaper trends of 2022 in your space, we’re here to help.

Our team of talented interior designers can discuss your requirements and advise on wallpaper ideas for your interior. From bold colour to contemporary geometric shapes and even textured walls – 2022 is certainly the year of wallpaper.

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