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A conversation with the Founder – Christopher Birt

At Christopher David Design, our priority is to deliver a holistic approach when it comes to design, carefully tailoring each project and ensuring we deliver one-of-a kind homes that reflect a personalised vision for the homeowner.

Deeply rooted in meaning and a thorough understanding of the brief, from the outset of the process every decision made is influenced by the foundations – our clients.

Through the video we have created, we endeavour to illustrate why Christopher David Design could be the pivotal step in achieving your dream home. Showcasing our dedication to delivering the best of modern living standards, we aim to present how each project that comes into the studio follows a meticulous process combining craftsmanship, care and attention to detail.

The company was founded with a clear vision in mind – to construct carefully curated homes that are made to be remembered. We strongly believe that design has the power to impact our daily lives and that it is imperative that individuality is reflected throughout a property that is made by us. This is why we believe in an all-encompassing approach, where we take great pride in crafting the architecture and interior design, forming spaces that influence the senses and create an immersive experience for the user.

Expressed by the director in the clip, when starting a design we believe in the traditional approach to begin. Stripping back to basics, the process always begins at the drawing board with pens and tracing paper where we explore the different routes a scheme can take and get a feel for the potential.

As a team, we merge our creativity and skillsets while drawing upon a variety of different inspirations and historic architectural techniques, coming together to work through all aspects of a design. We want our clients to see that we are not a typical design studio – we are a collective of young, driven individuals that strive with every scheme to deliver beautiful homes that go beyond the expectations.

A conversation with the Founder – Christopher Birt
Browse through some of the key questions, answered by Christopher, below.
How do you describe the studio?

Christopher David Design is a design studio that carries out architecture, interior and landscape design. We like to describe ourselves as not your typical studio. We want every client to feel that when they come to us, they are getting something truly bespoke, something truly tailored to what they are looking for.

What is the ethos behind the designs?

We believe strongly in a holistic approach to homes and people. Everything is connected – we cannot look at architecture in isolation and we cannot look at the interiors in isolation. The two works in conjunction with one and other and we ensure that is reflected in the designs that we do. No stone is left unturned.

Why did you start Christopher David Design?

I have always had a real passion for creating and making things which lead me down the architectural route. Through the years of working on different types of designs, I realised that my biggest enjoyment lies in creating and delivering beautiful homes as an outlet for my creativity.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a whole host of different things – from photography, fashion, places, cities and people. The whole world is inspiration and I believe this is what you can see and feel in the work that the studio does.

What is unique about the studio?

We’re not your typical design studio. We are a collective of young, driven and creative individuals that bring an essence of who we are as to each design that we deliver. When choosing Christopher David Designs, we want our clients to feel that their projects are truly created for them.

How do clients influence a project at Christopher David Design?

We approach each project from the outset in the same way – from a thorough, in-depth interview at the outset. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know clients and our conversation is the first step in painting an image of how see the project going forward. It is essential to understand from the beginning how they use their current home, how they entertain and even how they eat. By truly getting to know the person, we can ensure that their individuality is always fed back through the design creating that tailor-made home that we believe is our speciality.


How does the design process begin with a project?

Every project starts on the drawing board. The connection from hand to paper is integral to unlocking a home. We believe in the traditional methods, allowing us to get to grips with the scheme and explore the potential.

What influences a design?

A balance between the clients, the creativity and expertise of the team, alongside the historic and environmental context. Coming together as a studio to work on solutions is one of the most important factors that really helps make a design be the best it can be. By combining our years in practice and drawing from one and others creativity, a project can be propelled forward. There is never simply one mind at work with one of our drawings – its always the whole team that helps bring everything together.

Why would a client choose Christopher David Design?

Our young creative approach blended with the time-tested techniques of ancient architects and designers is what makes us unique in our approach. We like to be involved in all phases of a project to have the control of the process to ensure delivery of something bespoke. We take great care and pride in all aspects of what we do, from the initial sketches right down to the final finishes of a scheme and above all, we are truly passionate about creating homes that influence the lives of people.

What types of projects do you work on?

We work on a whole scale of projects from city apartments to an extension in West London, new-builds and everything in between.

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