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Interior Design Trends 2024: 6 Stunning Ideas To Inspire

In the world of interior design, trends are constantly changing. You only need to look back to the past century to get an idea of just how many movements interior design has experienced.

The upcoming year is predicted to bring about plenty of stunning, new interior styles. A revival of 70’s brown shades, sustainable materials, and sculptural furniture pieces are just a few trends you can expect to see.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own home, you work as a professional interior stylist, or you simply have an interest in interior design – you’re in the right place. Our design experts have carried out all the research to know which interior design trends are going to be most prevalent this year and perhaps beyond.

Read on to find out which 6 trends are set to dominate 2022 and how you can take inspiration and apply these to your own space.

1. Brown Hues

Brown has become the dominating interior colour of 2022. Interestingly, brown is often referred to in colour psychology as grounding. Therefore, it doesn’t come as any surprise following the pandemic, that people are looking to create an atmosphere of grounding and calm in interiors to enhance wellbeing.

Brown hues exemplify the cosiness of any space and is a tone that can look equally appealing on both the warmer and cooler end of the scale. By evoking a sense of feeling close to and centered by mother nature, the colour brown is being used predominantly across soft furnishings, textiles, and accessories.

2. Organic Materials

Following on from the theme of bringing nature inside, we’re expecting to see a surge in the use of organic materials in interior spaces. From blonde wooden accents to natural stone tiles and jute rugs, there are plenty of ways in which the outdoors is going to be invited inside. Many interior designs are using organic elements in the home as a means of keeping spaces as light and airy as possible and emphasising natural colour.

The natural shapes that organic elements have again allude to that sought-after feeling of serenity. By emphasising the use of organic materials along with another interior design trend: sculptural furniture, designers can tap into the desire for peace that is being largely felt among all of us over the past couple of years.

3. Checkerboard Flooring

The checkerboard flooring interior design trend is predicted to really pick up this year. From elegant hallways, such as this project our team completed, to using checkerboard tiles in the bathroom for a traditional touch, the checkerboard is in.

Retro checkerboard flooring has the ability to enhance any space of any size. And, with the trend of clashing patterns, using checkerboard vinyl or checkerboard tiles can be the perfect canvas to explore with colour and different prints.

4. Sculptural Furniture

Curved, sculptural furniture using soft lines and inspiration from nature are expected to be a big trend in interior design this year. Almost every furniture design manufacturer including both high-end and more budget-oriented companies are producing furniture fitting this trend.

Introduced as an interior design trend in 2022, sculptural furniture in an array of colour palettes is expected to continue to grow in popularity. From cooperate office spaces to contemporary homes, expect to see this type of furniture everywhere.

5. Bold Patterns

In contrast to the more understated interior trends of 2022, bold patterns are going to be making an appearance. Many designers are already jumping to the opportunity of pattern play and aren’t afraid to use clashing patterns across interiors. Mixing patterned wallpapers of contrasting colours is just one example of how we are likely to see this trend play out.

Additionally, patterns are taken to textiles too in the form of cushions, rugs, curtains, and bed linen – all of which serve as a great palette for experimentation with patterns and tasteful colour clashes.

6. Traditional Accents

There is an everlasting charm that comes with many traditional interior designs and it seems that one of the major trends of 2022 celebrates this. Traditional accents and details are making a large comeback in homes with designers incorporating a sense of timelessness into their interiors.

Both skirted and flanged furniture alongside the use of antique and vintage pieces nod to honouring our history. As an alternative to mass-produced furniture, many people are eager to furnish their homes with one-off, more unique pieces. Traditional pieces really do add an abundance of character to any space and the charm of having a story to tell makes them all the more worthwhile to own.

What are some popular trends that will continue in interior design in 2022?

Some popular trends that interior designers may continue to observe in 2022 include a preference for natural materials and colour, sustainable design principles, and an increased focus on home staging. Sustainability in design is going to be an ongoing trend that continues in the UK and worldwide.

What tips do you have for incorporating these trends into your own home decor?

The trend of using organic materials in home decor is increasing in popularity. You can incorporate these trends into your home decor by using natural materials such as wood, textiles, and stones. For wood, you can use natural materials such as wood floors, furniture, and cabinets.

For textiles, you can use natural materials such as cotton blankets and sheets, linen curtains, and natural fabric furniture covers. For stones, you can use any materials such as natural stone walls and floors, natural stone countertops, and natural stone tiles.

Reimagine Your Interior Space Ahead of 2022 Trends

The trends above perfectly demonstrate just how much of an impact thought-out and intentional design choices can have. When we look to transform any space, it is important to consider the various design elements and how they interplay to create an atmosphere.

Our wonderful team of talented interior designers can assist you in creating a space that reflects your personality and interior style preferences. Whether you wish to transform your entire home or makeover one room, we will work closely with you to bring your design visions to life. Contact us today to talk with one of our designers.

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